What's new

Update - 10.5.2022

🆕 New onboarding
🆕 Statistics in Landing pages
🆕 Edit button and dynamic filters in smart groups
🆕 Sorting for first seen/last seen dates
🆕 Date picker now shows date ranges of previous periods
🆕 You can now download multiple websites at once
🆕 Data redesign to improve accuracy and to match the Google search console interface
🐛 Fixed a bug with login

Update - 29.3.2022

Changed some icons in UI
🆕 Filtered out unverified sites from GSC in the websites picker
🆕 Improved website download flow with progress tag and notifications
🐛 Fixed a bug where the verification email is sent more times if you use SSO

Update - 23.3.2022

🐛 Fixed the problem with the download of big websites
🆕 Created a new filter inside the keywords table
🐛 Fixed GSC bug: ZZZ in countries - changed to "Unknown region"

Update - 18.3.2022

🆕 Added new countries widget to the dashboard
🆕 Added sorting for first seen/last seen dates in the tables (keywords, landing pages, and smart groups)
🆕 Added new feature: New, lost, improved, declined filters in keywords table

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