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Work with keywords from the Google Search Console easier and smarter. Get important insights without hard work.
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Serpconsole features


Important KPIs, Graphs, and tables with comparisons in one place. Widgets are created and customized specifically for SEO.

Smart Groups

Save unlimited filter groups with keywords, landing pages, or countries. Compare them and get insights.

Brand vs Non-Brand

Automatic labeling, filter and beautiful charts, for brand keywords.

*Branded keywords are phrases directly associated with your brand, products and services.

Keywords rankings

Daily positions for every search phrase, that your website is ranking for in Google search results.

*Data directly from Google search console

Movements insights

Improved, declined, new, or lost keywords? Compare it and analyze the impact on your website!

and the list goes on…

Many small details make work with keywords easier.
Top URLs
CTRL+C from data tables
One-click keyword overview
Instant search and filters
First & Last seen dates
Automatic sub-domain filter

How you can start?

Just 5 minutes and your data is ready.

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With your Google account or email address.

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You need to have at least one website in the Google search console.

Choose websites to connect

Pick websites, that you want to analyze.

That’s it! 

You can start analyzing your keywords data.
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In the early phase is everything free!

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Next pricing

We want to be fair, therefore we have pricing that is calculated from your website's organic clicks.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Google search console?

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results. We use their API to enrich the data that they provide.

How does Serpconsole work?

We connect to Google search console API, download data, and process it.

What is SERP in your name?

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a user. The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query.

What is Brand vs Non-brand?

Branded keyword terms include the name of your company or branded product. For example, Tesla is that core branded keyword term. But “Tesla model 3”, “Model 3 by Tesla” and “Tesla car” also count as branded keywords.

Non-branded keyword terms refer or relate to your company or products without the proper company name. For the example above, they’d be things like “electric car”, “best electric cars”.
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