Getting Started Guide

Connect to Google Search Console

👉 Click on the "Add Connection" button to connect with your Google account
👉 Don't forget to allow this checkbox, without it you can't see websites from Google Search Console.

Add websites from Google Search Console

👉 Choose the websites that you want to download with checkboxes and click on the button "Add Websites"

Download progress

👉 You will see the download progress of your websites.
Wait for them, or you can leave a website and the system will send you a notification to your email 📧 after is finished.

Ready do analyze your websites

After your website is downloaded, you can check your data in 2 ways

  1. Click on the button "Open" that is showing after you hover with the cursor over the websites

  2. Choose a website from the picker in the header and click on the menu item "Keyword"

How to use Serpconsole interface

Check this 7 minutes video that show you basic features of Serpconsole